Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Weird, unusual, and strange music animation video

Scott found this video on a music web site. It's by a band from Iceland, called Mum. Yes, the animation is somewhat unsettling and disturbing, but this is what makes it interesting. It fits right in with an on-line discussion, I took part recently about enjoying art that has a darker edge. Even though I am a very positive , life affirming person, who loves beautiful and pretty things, I have always been drawn to art and music that had a strange or sad side to it. I feel that art is the perfect venue for us to take a look at the other side of life in a safe way. To quote a Buddhist teacher:" It is important sometimes to invite the demons over for tea." And it seems to me that there is no better venue for that than art. In the next couple of days, when time permits , I'll share some art that fits this bill.
What could be more fitting , leading up to Halloween?

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Emily Pugh said...

Love this. It is very unique.