Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two-faced Paintings

A Cross-eyed Clergyman/The Loving Haft-wit Albino , 2007-2008
pastel on prepared paper

Inquisitive Infanta/Phobic Don , 2007-2008
pastel on prepared paper

Silent Screen Siren/Hag who Understands All , 2007-2008
pastel on prepared paper

The unbelievably talented Thomas Woodruff is showing this month some amazing two-faced paintings, that use visual trickery. As a child I was captivated looking at optical illusions and visual puzzles. I remember most fondly the strange vegetable faces by the Italien artist Arcimboldo or the steps that lead to nowhere by M.C. Escher.
I am glad that Thomas Woodruff is continuing this mind boggeling artistic tradition.

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cconz said...

all i can say is "very cool". i find two sided faces interesting.thanks