Monday, April 12, 2010

Inspirational Paper Art

1. Ferry Staverman is a Dutch artist that creates 3-dimensional objects with cardboard. Her striking paper sculptures seem to be inspired by the natural world and remind us of the organic and complex shapes of sea anemones or fractals. She seems to create shapes that exist in the micro cosmos.

2. Brian Dettmer alters books by carving and cutting away. He never adds to the books, but creates a new context and dimensionality by cutting away and sealing the remainder with varnish for stability. He uses mainly dictionaries, encyclopedias, science text books, as well as old maps, tapes and other out of date media.

3. Michael Velliquette creates dimensional paper collages from colorful cardstock. His work shows off vibrant colors , simple but abundant elements creating a dense and rich pattern structure giving it the look and feel of tribal or folk art.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, intricate designs! Gorgeous!