Monday, August 23, 2010

Fairy Habitat

I had the pleasure to create a Fairy Habitat from one of our Fairy House kits, we sell at the Castle. These kits are a perfect gift for any fairy enthusiast, no matter what age, who likes to be crafty and create. The kits are delivered in a lovely box (decorated with Italian paper - and can be used for storing other important items , once empty of its original contents). Inside youy find a plethora of natural materials, like twigs, reeds, moss, dried mushroom caps, fabric flower and German spun cotton mushrooms, as well as a wooden base and a lovely German Fairy doll. All you need to add is glue and you are on your way to create your own unique Fairy House.

1 comment:

valeria said...

Ah! Das ist das besagte Feen-Paradies von dem du erzählt hast.. Entzückend!