Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Incantations for the new year

Here is my Christmas Tree decorated in my favorite festive colors: gold and orange. Also on the tree are hanging these oval ornaments, that I made myself. They all have an old fashioned black and white image, surrounded by white glitter and underneath a scroll with a hand calligraphed word. The words all refer to qualities that we want to have in our life or hope to invoke in the new year, such as:courage, prosperity, benevolence, curios, knowing, valiant, etc. I call these ornaments "Incantations". This is the second year we are having them on our tree and it feels very personal. I hope that all your wishes for the next year come true. Happy Holidays!

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Ulla said...

Elizabeth! Fantastic tree, and I adore the ornaments. What a wonderful way to celebrate the season and yourself! Looking forward to getting together with you in the New year!
Blessings and Hugs...