Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Edwardian Ball History

This coming Saturday we will be attending the 2009 Edwardian Ball. This will be our 5th time at this fabulous event that celebrates all things Edward Gorey. People dress up in period clothing anything goes from Victorian to the roaring 20's or sport their unique Circus, Vaudeville, Cabaret-Punk style. There will be Ballroom dancing and fabulous circus acts, as well as the live music by the great Rosin Coven, the pagean lounge orchestra that instigates the Edwardian Ball every year (Eight musicians blend violin, two cellos, bass, guitar, harp, vibraphone, trombone, drums & lush vocal harmonies in a strangely beautiful mix of classical, jazz, chamber, tango, klezmer, sultry lounge, theatrical cabaret, and cinematic dreams.). This event has been getting bigger and bigger and this years ball has been moved to the Regency Ballroom. It has been one of my favorite events of all times: the music, costumes, performances are a fairy tale dream come alive. If you have never been, you should check it out. I will be there for sure.

2005 our first Edwardian Ball, when it was still held at the Kat Club.

2006 the Edwardian Ball moved to the beautiful Great American Music Hall
We had our portrait taken there. I am wearing a vintage flapper dress.

2007 I wore my He/She costume

2008 we took Valentina along