Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Year's Eve

Having a blast at the Church of Frank Sinatra New Years Bash!

With lovely Aimee

The hosts with the most: Fabulous Marci and Aaron

Last but not least: our dear friend Mr. Lucky

I stayed out on New Years Eve till 3:30 in the morning (that hasn't happend in a long, long time -like 15 years or so) Aaron and Marci , of the Church of Frank Sinatra threw a fantastic party. I wore a vintage dress that my dear friend Catherine gave me for my birthday last year. Mr. Lucky was there as well - he always shows up at the best parties. I really enjoyed talking to Aimee and her friend Scott. My kinda people, with whom you can converse about everything under the moon - from science (what are nutrinos and will the newly built giant particle collider in Switzerland solve this mystery) to fashion (Yves Saint Laurent exhibition at the DeYoung and how vastly influencial YSL was on Jean Paul Gaultiere); Super fun...we came home at 4:00 am and I went to bed with my lipstick still on.