Thursday, May 14, 2009

More hand-made cards

The card's main image is a mother bird and her baby bird in a nest. I copied it out of my old elementary school biology book that I found last year in my dad's basement. It is just the perfect image and I used it on this mother's day card for my mom.

Sometimes it takes a while to get the creative juices flowing and I just mess around. So before I made the actual mother's day card, I had pulled out my hand carved flower stamps and stamped them out on card stock. Then I cut out each stamped image and affixed them on the card shown underneath. I use little double sided sticky foam squares to attach them. This lifts the image of the paper and gives the card some dimension.

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patrice said...

I made some very similar cards for mothers day! I used small twigs and small bird images that I got at the castle. Now I wish I'd snapped a few pics.