Thursday, May 28, 2009

Perfect Pilates

I have been studying Pilates for many, many years. It is the perfect exercise for me, since it helps me stay strong and deal with my weak joints. Pilates is one of the best physical rehab systems and I couldn't live with out it. I enjoy it's medium to slow paced and the gracefullness of the exercises. I somehow feel that exercise should be in synch with our internal rhythm. I have tried aerobics and felt it was way too fast. Tai Chi on the other hand drove me crazy due to its excruciating slowness. Here is a photo of Pilates trainer Eric Sutter performing a perfect pike on the pilates chair.

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Lynda Lippin said...

I feel the same way about Pilates! Always hated very fast exercise but love to feel like I am moving and accomplishing something. Plus I have hypermobile joints. It's been the best for me.