Friday, June 12, 2009

Gentlemen of Quality: John Thomson

A Manchu bride, Beijing (1871-2), photograph by John Thomson

A married couple from Xiamen, a port city in south-eastern China.

Young woman of Guangzhou in southern China.

I am going to feature this month 3 men from the the 19th century that I found incredibly interesting and stylish characters.
I found Scottish photographer John Thomson on my favorite photography blog Heading East
Thomson was a Victorian contemporary and visited China from 1868-72. He saw himself in the tradition of the gentlemen explorer and traveled to China and South East Asia with his camera. He initially set up a photography studio in Singapore and his love for region grew. Back in Britain he showed his photos, gave lectures and wrote articles on Chinese culture . "Undoubtedly his photographs contributed greatly to 19th-century Europe’s view of Asia and filled the visual gap between East and West. He became known as ‘China’ Thomson."His photos have just been exhibited in the Beijing World Art Museum.
On the left he photographed the traditional bound foot next to a healthy, un-bound foot on the right.

Mr. Thomson is standing next to Imperial Soldiers in Xiamen

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