Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I spent a lovely Mother's Day. My mother had sent me a yummy sounding recipe from Dr. Andrew Weil a couple of days ago. I knew that this is what I had to cook for her on Mother's Day. So for lunch I cooked today Dr. Weil's orange glazed salmon fillets, asparagus risotto, roasted beets, feta and spinach salad and for dessert crepes Suzette with strawberries.
Like every year I also made a card for my mom, which you can see above. It was interesting to try and bring some more dimension to my cards. It took me a while to figure out how to construct it and reminds me a bit of a pop-up book construction.
In the morning my daughter presented an amazing drawing to me, that you can see underneath. True to her beautiful pen and ink style she created another mysterious picture that reminds me of situations in a dream.
We also had a wonderful time in the kitchen together. She helped me cook the Mother's Day lunch and entertained me with cool music from her iPod. I wish all Sundays could be Mother's Day... days filled with the creativity and sensuality of making art, cooking food and enjoying each others company.

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