Thursday, November 1, 2007

He/She Costume

Last year I was haunted by this vision, that I had to be half man / half woman for Halloween. I had seen this He/She costume in some pictures from the old Victorian circuses and freak shows. The question was , how to make a costume that will have a male and female side. Enter my friend Pam , a former set designer, movie production designer, artist and wizard in so many things. She liked the idea and immediately devised a plan on how this costume could work. Off we went to the Goodwill hunting for a tuxedo and a gown. somehow the universe wanted me to make this vision come true, because we found the perfect garments. Pam set out to do her magic, fusing the tux and the gown - the result was more than successful: I put on my costume and felt transformed - my vision came alive. Thanks also to Elliot, Pam's very talented husband and a cinematographer, who took the beautiful portraits of me.


Ulla said...

Oh my goodness, this is wonderful!!!

Castle in the Air said...

What a fantastic costume! The whole blog is quite wonderful. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful dreams!