Thursday, November 8, 2007

Strolling down Valencia Street

Paxton Gate
Mural on Clarion Alley
Through the window of the Curiosity Shoppe

Recently strolled down Valencia Street in San Francisco. There are always cool murals to look at on Clarion Alley. A lot of fabulous new shops have opened. Check out the Curiosity Shoppe. I love the shelf, that is made of different sized boxes. Amazing though is the art installation they have right now, of bats hanging from branches. You can faintly make them out on the right side of the box shelf. They sell stationary, gifts and whimsical curiosities also from their web site.
New is also Five and Diamond, a clothing and jewelry boutique. Their look reminds me of Victorian Cowboys Wild West Cabaret. They have amazing leather items.
Of course Paxton Gate is still my favorite. I bought there a beautiful glass crocodile's eye and some very sparkling oval shaped fool's gold.

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