Sunday, September 14, 2008

1001 Butterflies

I spent 6 wonderful years at Oxford Elementary school volunteering and teaching art to the kids. My favorite art project was a farewell present to the leaving principal Kathleen Lewis. Inspired by the story of the 1001 origami cranes, I set out with the kids to create 1001 butterflies. A group of parents and I pre-cut 1100 butterflies in 4 different shapes and 3 different sizes. The kids decorated the black construction paper butterflies with glittery or flurescent gel pens (which I got for free from the Sakura Gelly Pen Company). For several weeks I went from class to class until all 300 kids at Oxford Elemantary had created 1001 butterflies. My friends Pam and Ellie helped me turn the unveiling of the butterflies into a powerful event. All kids, teachers and the beloved pricipal were present and blown away, by the power of 1001 butterflies!

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